Covoir is a decentralized Oracle that combines crowd intelligence with machine learning to retrieve off-chain information.


Covoir provides trustworthy data in real-time, you don't have to wait two weeks to get decentralized and trustworthy data.

Unstructured Data

Covoir uses crowd intelligence to support our system. Hence, even the data you want does not have reliable APIs, we can give you the answer.


Covoir uses machine learning to make sure the data we provide is trustworthy.

Convenient Interface

You can check the procedure of your request in our graphics user interface.


Our services are built around real-world needs. Your feedbacks are our most concern.

Financial Market Information

The real-time information of financial market around the world. You can also request the financial market information at a specific time.

Sports/ Esports Data

Detailed reports of the game event. Not only the final scores but also the detail stats of each player.

More Use Cases

Even there is no API providing the information you want. We can help you access the information through crowd intelligence.
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